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We serve growers, distributers, dispensaries, and other cannabis vendors in California to securely transport their cash revenue, while simultaneously insuring and covering all liability of the revenue throughout the transportation process.

During every trip, we provide two security guards, an armored vehicle, and efficient logistical planning to ensure revenue gets moved from point A to point B in the most secure and efficient way every time. 

Small Company Feel

We take pride in the fact that we look to build a personal relationship with each client. Our clients have access to a member of our team 24/7 to ensure all needs are met.

Logistical Advantage

Our track and trace system assures that all cash packages arrived where are supposed to at the correct time.

We have the ability to flex our vehicle fleet to fit the needs of your operation

We believe that specializing in one service is the best way to guarantee the most exceptional work. While other security companies offer many services, it benefits our clients if we strictly focus on cash transportation

Vehicle Fleet

Single Service Focus